Overview of Zobrist and our experience in taking B2B companies Direct to Consumer, featuring Mobiecom as a SPA (Single Page Application) for lightning fast storefront using microservices from HCL Technologies to provide best-of-breed platform for e-commerce.

About Zobrist Inc.

We help retailers through a digital transformation and make your online storefront  blazing fast, with a seamless customer experience wherever they are, on any device! At Zobrist, we have more than 15 years experience in eCommerce, mCommerce and Direct-to-Consumer merchandising. No other platform is more reliable, flexible and scalable.

One of the common challenges customers have in their direct-to-consumer journey is the selection of a suitable e-commerce platform. Some technologies are expensive and complex to implement while other are inexpensive but too narrow in scope. We have worked with our customers to come up with a solution that will benefit your company. We hope you give us 30-minutes to see our demo.

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